Tropical area

Walk into the tropical area …

A surprising walk in this tropical paradise, under the big leaves of the banana trees and the arborescent ferns.

First immersion in the South American aviary where climbing plants, astonishing flowers and coloured leaves are the birds’ hosts.

Here live red ibis, blue and yellow aras, Hyacinth aras, teals and pigeons of Peru.

Then, little stop under the tropics where sakis and marmosets now take advantage of their whole new home in the colours of the jungle.

Tropical plants and creepers than life for our 3 sakis and 5 marmosets that are living together and enjoy whole heartedly!

Finally, the visitor goes to meet the Sumatran tigers (species part of the EEP) and Persian leopard (species part of the EEP), but also the squirrel monkey (species part of the EEP) well-known for their extreme dexterity and ability.