Educational activities

Teaching workshops

These workshops (only in French) have been devised to complement your walk round the zoo, and have been individually tailored for school children of different ages.
They last 1¼ hours. You will be accompanied by a zookeeper who will lead the workshop.

mini ferme Samia

The Mini farm workshop (2 to 4 years old)

Come and meet all the popular farm animals and test your pupils’ senses, as well as your own: touch, hear, see, smell the animals, discovering them through mini interactive workshops. The children will have a chance to get closer to our goats, donkeys, rabbits, pigs, chickens, sheep and other animals, and will be able to stroke and feed them.

The Africa tour (2  to 7 years old)

Come and meet the iconic animals of Africa such as lions, cheetahs or giraffes. This tour includes teaching elements, but is also extremely interactive. Children will learn to understand the habitat, food, geographical location and way of life of each species covered.

While the lemurs, giraffes and otters are being fed, make the most of the opportunity to come up close and observe these extraordinary animals.

girafes atelier Afrique
palmes Nono

Nono’s trip (2  to 7 year olds)

Accompanied by a group leader, go on a trip with Nono the penguin and meet his friends the Bennett’s wallabies, coatis, African penguins and prairie dogs.

A workshop where the children can play, as well as taking an active part in the way the species covered move around, and their various habitats.