Organising outings for children’s holiday clubs

Come and see the area especially designed for our gibbons

An island with luxuriant vegetation where these tree-dwelling members of the great ape family move around with such agility – acrobats from Asia, who will also impress us with their voices!

Champrépus’s attractions

Feeding the lemurs, giraffes, otters penguins, every afternoon from mid-April to mid-September, to help you get to know our residents a little better.

Amusing, instructive visits, suitable for all ages.

Contact area where you can move around in the midst of the animals, going into their enclosures but not disturbing them. Play areas especially for children, with a ball pool, climbing frames and bouncy castles: the adventure trail for children between 18 months and 3 years old the Penguins’ ball pool for 3 to 5 year old, free picnic shelters, and toilet facilities that can be used by “tinies”, numerous covered observation points all around the zoo so that you can go round and look at the animals even if it is raining.

An exceptional landscaped setting where the flora and fauna can be seen at their best.