Madagascan area

Welcome to Madagascar… The Lemurs’ paradise!

It’s really true: everything grows in Madagascar! Everything grows as well – all or nearly all – in « our Madagascar » here in Champrepus. Blues cloves of Descaisneas and impressive Ailanthus leaves spread out around the flowery basins. The haust horn’s perfume goes with the visitor at the mercy of his wander…Change of scene guaranteed!

Savage malagasy gardens are lemurs landmark

The savage Malagasy gardens are obviously the lemurs landmark, these small primates so distinctive and endemic to Madagascar and whose survival is otherwise threatened on the island. Every year, 200 000 hectares of forest – their only housing – go up in smoke because of slash and-burn and bush fire! There is only 10% of the original Malagasy forest left, namely 50 000 km² that could disappear in only one generation if urgent preservation measures are not taken.

Several species dwell in Champrepus

In Champrepus, several species dwell in this area: Red Ruffed lemurs play about in the big trees on the first island, Black and White Ruffed lemurs and Crowned lemurs play hide and seek in the box trees on a second island.

Lemurs reserve

Finally, here we are in the « Lemurs reserve ». One can observe quite near the Ring-Tailed lemurs and Black and White Ruffed lemurs that meander or snake in and out in total freedom. One can even come nearer to them or rather let them approach – but it is forbidden to touch the lemurs!