One of the objectives of the Champrépus Zoological Park is to allow access to all visitors. To this end, we have set up various actions and facilities to better welcome people with disabilities.

The following actions and compensatory measures have been carried out :
  • Parking facilities near the entrance.
  • free loan of wheelchairs (subject to availability).
  • redevelopment of the 2 kilometre circuit of paths (slopes of 4% or less and some bypass routes), making 95% of the Zoological Park accessible.
  • accessibility of the restaurant, the shop and the toilets.
  • human assistance by park staff to cross the footbridge linking the two parks, with a return device.
  • 2 cameras to project the third observatory of the African zone on a screen, which is less accessible by wheelchair (8% slope).
  • fire alarm lights and sounds in all toilets.
  • enlarged map of the park for visually impaired people.

“Tourism and disability” mark

We received the “Tourism and Disability” mark in March 2017, for the 4 disabilities: motor, hearing, visual and mental.

The entire park team, accompanied by experts (surveyors, members of A.P.F. associations, technicians from the Regional Council and the West Normandy

Chamber of Commerce), has been involved in this Quality approach for

several years, to allow and facilitate access to all publics.

The park is proud to be the first private outdoor zoological and leisure park in Normandy to be labelled.