The zoo was born out of the passion of Lucien Lebreton (the grandfather of Yves and Jacques Lebreton, the current owners). It first opened to the public on 10 July 1957, starting with local animals. But the collection grew, with the zoo eventually becoming the main “animal clinic” in the Manche department.

In the 1980s, Yves and Jacques Lebreton, inspired by the same passion, transformed the areas where the animals lived, adapting them so that each species had ideal living conditions. The zoo gradually took shape as you see it today:  organised around a set of values: a consistent conservation plan, improved living conditions for the animals, landscaping, new teaching materials and activities, services for visitors, … The zoo as a whole develops day by day, with the same aim as when we set out: to put over a positive message based on the thrill of the meeting between man and animals, making the experience as pleasurable as possible for all involved (animals, staff and visitors).