Nono the penguin

Welcome to the home of the penguins and their buddies: the coatis, prairie dogs and Bennett’s wallabies …

A new kind of adventure.


A new kind of adventure where all the family can find out about the adventures of Nono the penguin in a 7,000-square-metre (8,400-square-yard) area.

During a fascinating walk that will take you to four continents, interactive attractions help children discover the ways of life of penguins and their friends the coatis, prairie dogs and Bennett’s wallabies and how they move about.

The high point of the walk

The African penguin area has a colony of 25 birds.

Numbers will grow as the penguins breed.

The areas is divided into two parts

enfants-devant-bassin-manchotsA 120-square-metre (143-square-yard) glass-walled pool, 1.80 metres (nearly 6 feet) deep with four windows, where visitors have an underwater view of the penguins swimming through the clear water.

The beach is a haven for marine mammals. It is made up of natural sandy soil with shingle. There are also rocks and plants, mainly grasses, and a bed of gravel around the pool.


It’s Nono, the penguin, who will guide the children around this new interactive area. He’ll take them around the world to meet his buddies and discover how they live and move around. At each stage in the journey, information panels and an interactive display will be provided for the children.