They were born in the zoo a few months ago and are their parents’ pride and joy. Everyone’s wild about these babies, from protected species whose survival is threatened in the wild. This is a fine demonstration of the ways today’s zoos combine their conservation role with treating their visitors to a glimpse of the animals.


13248593_477428932443162_7794018982873203651_oZoom on our Crowned lemurs that gave birth last April to their first baby. For this species, breeding is much less innate than for their fellow creatures: it would have been necessary to let them have some peace for a few weeks. Today, Loukoum and Loki, are perfect parents! It’s a promising success for this safe species for it is very threatened in its natural environment.


saï bébé 2


Another remarkable birth at the zoo…a baby squirrel monkey is born August the 11, 2015. This subspecies of monkey is part of a EEP. Its population in its natural environment is threatened by the deforestation. Pregnancy last 5 months and when they are born, the baby only weighs 100g, that being 1/8ème of the mother’s weigh!




Our record of births continues to be filled in this month of August…the third and the eleventh, two females zebras, called « Zabouille » and « Zelda« , extended the family. For now, they are still distinguishable from their cousins with their brown stripes. They will become black at adulthood, around 3 years old.